vaporizer tricks

vaporizer tricks

hey guys, max here from australian vaporizers and welcome to our very first desk-top vape review. say hello to the new vapolution 3. vapolution have been around since 2000 sothey’re definitely not newcomers to the industry. i honestly haven’t tried their earlier modelsso i’m not entirely sure how they stack up but this one is very interesting indeed. the words “all-glass” get thrown arounda fair bit by vape companies but the vapolution 3, or at least the so called “purity package”that we’re looking at today is 100% true to the claim.

no plastic, no metals, no ceramic. just your herb and glass. the weirdest and probably the coolest pointto make here is that you don’t actually need to grind your herb. more on that later. before we delve into the performance let’shave a look at this kit. nice packaging with a little handle here soit kind of doubles as a carry case. opening it up, we’ve got the unit itself. quite a small form factor compared to mostother desktops.

here’s a quick size comparison between thevap3, the extreme q and the vapir rise. fairly simple control layout here. as you can see we’ve got power and tempcontrol buttons; pretty standard. nice little display here for the temp readout. nothing too cutting-edge though. frankly i’m a little underwhelmed with theoverall build quality. i mean, it’s nothing major but the buttonfeedback feels a bit hollow and i’d like to have them use a metal housing as opposedto plastic. with that being said, it is nice and lightwhich is great.

as i mentioned before, this package trulyis “all-glass”. well, the vaporpath is at least. now, as far as i can tell the heater is actuallymade from ceramic but it is covered by a removable glass sleeve. to top it all off there’s no hole in thebottom of this sleeve which means that air is taken in from the top of the unit ratherthan the bottom. so not only does it taste great but it’sreally easy to clean too. putting the unit aside for a sec, we’vejust got a few parts to go through. firstly a mouthpiece / tube.

the “purity package” we’ve got herecomes with vapolution’s “all-in-wonder bowl”. it’s basically a stand-alone filling chamberand stem assembly so there’s no need for flexible tubing of any kind if you don’tmind sacrificing a tiny bit of cooling capacity. next up there’s a replacement heater sleevewhich is nice. please be careful when you get this out ofthe kit by the way. it’s held in their really tightly and theglass isn’t exactly thick. one power adaptor. underneath the plastic insert here we havethe wall plug for the power adaptor.

it also comes with a 12v car adaptor whichis awesome and definitely not a common feature among desktop units. lastly we’ve got an optional filling chamber/ stem assembly called the “bent bowl” and some silicone tubing which can be usedtogether if you’re after more cooling capacity. so to get this thing going you’ll want toplug it in, switch it on by tapping the power button and run it at the maximum temperaturefor around 10-15 minutes. this is just to burn off any factory materialsfrom the heater. the vap3 has a 20 minute automatic shut offso it might be easier to just leave it running for an extra 5.

alternatively, just press and hold the powerbutton to turn it off. after this i’d be inclined to leave it offfor about 10 minutes so you don’t scorch your material during the first session. while the unit’s cooling down, you may aswell load your filling chamber. this is where it gets weird. convenient, but weird. no grinding involved; just grab some flowersand stuff them into the end of the bowl. job done. the aim is to fill it just tightly enoughfor the herb to stay in the end of the bowl.

try not to over fill it as this will restrictthe airflow. despite how convenient it is to load, it cancause problems if your material is a bit leafy like the sage we’re using here. if this is the case it’s best to push itinto a little ball with your fingers before loading the bowl. if you’re using a tiny amount then i’drecommend finding a long, skinny bud or leaf and trying to feed it in sideways so thatit holds in place. once the unit’s cooled down switch it backon and turn the temperature down. the vap3’s capable of anything between 100and 233 degrees c so you’ve got lots of

flexibility. a lot of people, including the vapolutionthemselves are recommending a set temp of 190-220 which, in my opinion is way too high. i found that it tends to run a bit hotterthan the set temp so i’d definitely start off low — say, 175-180 and work your wayup. better to be safe than sorry. for some reason the vap3 takes about 10 secondsor so to start heating up after you’ve selected your temp. i assume this is a safety feature or something?

taking that into account it should take roughly1-1.5 minutes before it’s ready to use. once the unit’s reached your set temperaturethe led under the heater sleeve will light up. at this point you can carefully lower theloaded bowl into the vape. you’ll want to leave it in there for around20-30 seconds before taking a draw. just a quick demo session to give you guysan idea of how the unit performs. the draw resistance will completely dependon how tightly you’ve packed the bowl so it’s hard to make a universal judgementhere. vapour production is definitely the vap3’sforte.

not only that but i was blown away by theefficiency of it. most vapes these days require a fine grindto really extract every last bit from your material and i was kind of worried that therewould be some wastage. it’s not even an issue though. i found the cooling capacity to be quite goodeven with the “all-in-wonder bowl”. as i mentioned earlier though, if you arefinding it to be a bit harsh (if you’re using a higher temp or different material),the “bent bowl”/whip comes in really handy. taste – a+. i’d go so far as to say that this is oneof, if not the best tasting vape on the market

at the moment. that all-glass construction just makes itsuch a pure experience. i’m 100% sold. despite what the manual says, i wouldn’tgo leaving your loaded bowl inside the heating area. it’s best to take it out after every 1-2draws, especially if you’re using higher temps. i left my bowl inside for the entirety ofmy first sesh and my herb overcooked pretty badly.

i was only using 185 degrees c at the timeso this was surprising. if you’re using a smaller load, i wouldalso get into the habit of continuing to draw until the bowl is completely removed fromthe heater. as your herb dries out, it tends to changeshape / size so it can potentially fall into the unit, even if you packed it fairly tightlyto begin with. i can’t help but think that they should’vegiven the unit more of a hand-held form-factor as, if you’re using the “all-in-wonderbowl” you end up holding it most of the time. the unit doesn’t heat up externally andit isn’t heavy, it just feels a little weird

holding a desktop vape like this i suppose. the vap3 has a special function called “stealthmode”. well, i say special but it’s nothing toreally write home about. essentially it just switches the screen andheating area led’s off for a more discrete look. you can activate this mode by holding downthe “+” and “-“ buttons at the same granted, discretion’s never too high onmy list of priorities; but it is a desktop vape so i’m not really sure what applicationsthis would be useful for. cleaning for the vap3 is super simple.

firstly, make sure your unit’s had sometime to cool if you’ve used it recently. give it a good half hour just to be safe. remove the top cap by twisting it like this. this will allow you to remove the glass heatersleeve. if you’re using the “bent bowl” andwhip remove the silicone tubing and set it aside. now you can simply soak all of the glass partsin isopropyl alcohol for as long as necessary. i usually just soak mine overnight. the silicone tubing can be soaked in warmsoapy water.

you can pinch the tubing together to rub awayany debris if it’s got any significant build up in there. after this, just flush all of the parts outwith hot water and leave them to dry. maintenance frequency will largely dependon your own usage patterns and the material you’re vaping. if you’re using herb with tightly formedbuds then you won’t really get much solid build up, mainly oil which is somewhat negligible. i’d say every 4-6 weeks will do the trickfor most people. replacement parts?

well there’re no screens, which are usuallythe main consumable for any vaporizer. so as long as you’re careful with the glasswarethe only thing that you’ll need to replace is the tubing, which can technically be cleaned… overall, the vapolution3 is a maintenancedream. this unit is still fairly new so reliabilityremains to be seen. it’s covered by a lifetime warranty though,so unless the fault rate is ridiculously high, i’d say it’s a safe bet. long story short, i’m a big fan of the vapolution3. when i first read about it, i wasn’t allthat excited but it’s proven itself to be

a top performer. vapour production, taste, ease of maintenanceand a lifetime warranty; it sounds like the perfect package and for the most part, itis. however, i think it’s let down a littleby the build quality. the glass parts are really well-made but theplastic housing and even the ceramic heater seem to be a bit luck-lustre. in saying that, as long as you’re carefulwith it then you should have an awesome unit for years to come. if you’re someone who’s after a 100% purevaping experience and you don’t want to

fork out for a volcano or a cloud then thevapolution 3 is an awesome solution. as usual, if you’ve got any questions, anythingyou’d like to add or even some criticisms, don’t hesitate to throw a comment below. if you enjoyed the video please like and subscribe. once again this is max from australian vaporizers,happy vaping and thanks for watching.