vape smoke tricks tutorial

vape smoke tricks tutorial

hey guys buzz here with i’ll be going over the volcano vaporizer. now the volcano is a desktop convection vaporizerand it’s made in germany by a company called storz and bickel. it works by inflating balloonslike this through a forced air system on top of this chamber. now it also comes in a couple different get to choose between the classic, which is this one right here. it has the turn dialtemperature adjustment in front. or you can choose the “digit” which has a big digitaltemperature display located on the front right here and easy buttons to adjust the temperature. now you also get to choose between the solidvalve attachment and the easy valve attachment.

i have the solid valve right here and i’llget more into this later on in the video and explain the differences between both options. in my opinion the volcano is the most efficientand easiest way to vape your herbs, oils and concentrates. i own plenty of desktop andportable vaporizers and i always find myself coming back to the volcano. this is currentlymy favorite and the highest rated vaporizer of all portable and desktop units. at the time of this video, the volcano willrun you $539 for the classic and $669.00 for the “digit”. you can click the links belowin the about section to get the current price and a full review on my website. now thisdoes seem like a steep price for a vaporizer

but i truly believe it’s worth every penny. overall, the taste, vapor quality and designof this vaporizer are hands down the best on the market. so first i’ll talk about the features andhow to use the volcano. i’ll do a quick vape session, go over the pro’s and con’s,and then suggest the best place to pick one up. ok so here is the volcano vaporizer. likei mentioned in the beginning there are two types of models to choose from. the model you see here is the classic whichhas an rotary turn dial temperature adjustment

ranging from level 1 which is 266â°f to level9 which is 446â°f. the digital version of the volcano is calledthe “digit” and has a digital interface to adjust the temperature. the main differences between the two are theprice, the digit will run you an extra $130, and it also comes with an automatic shutofffeature. both models are almost identical minus the front interface. which model youchoose is completely up to you. i decided to get the classic to save myself the $130. you also get to choose between the solid valvewhich you see here and the easy valve. the solid valve allows you to create customballoon sizes, the chamber and mouthpiece

are higher quality, and the replacement balloonswill run you about $5-10 per year. in order to use the solid valve, you just fill up theballoon, attach the mouthpiece and press in to release the vapor. the easy valve has two balloon size optionsand doesn’t require any cleaning. however, the replacement balloons will run you about$25-50 a year. i decided to go with the solid valve attachment to save on overall costsand i like to create my own balloon sizes. here is the filling chamber for the solidvalve attachment. this will hold the herbs and sit on top of the volcano. when using any vaporizer, you want to makesure and grind up your herbs pretty fine and

layer the bottom of the chamber. one of thereasons the volcano has such great vapor quality and density is because of the large surfacearea that is heated. it allows the herbs to be vaped evenly and consistently. for best results, i do recommend stirringup your herbs a little bit after a couple balloons. one of the downfalls to the volcano is theamount of time it takes to heat up. the average heat up time is around 3 minutes. sometimes,what i like to do is just leave my volcano turned on. so this way, when i want to useit, i just throw on the chamber and fill a balloon.

i’ve had mine for over 4 years and no problemswith leaving it on. i can’t say that i recommend doing this and the manufacturer will alsoadvise against this, but i’m too impatient to wait for it to heat up. i guess the bestway to deal with the heat up time would be to plug it in and begin heating before yougrind your herbs. as you can see it took about 2 minutes and 54 seconds to heat up. in order to use the volcano, you’re goingto grind up your herbs and pack a layer at the bottom of the filling chamber. the metalpiece with the screen is the filling chamber insert. the insert helps secure the herbsin the chamber because the fan blows up to fill the bag. it also helps get a consistentvape of the herbs in the chamber.

once the chamber is loaded, just place theinsert back in and press down slightly to compress the herbs. the next step is to placethe chamber on the heating element. it’s not completely secured but it does have anexact fit. you will know if it’s off center. you’ll then take the solid valve attachmentwithout the mouthpiece and attach it to the filling chamber. it will snap into place andsecure to the top of the chamber. the balloons are made without softeners whichallow them to remain erect even when not filled. so you can position the balloon upwards andit will fill up without falling to the side. to begin filling the balloon, you will flipthe green switch which will turn on the fan. i’ve found the typical fill times for thevolcano range from 30-45 seconds depending

on your balloon size. one complaint some people have with the volcanois the amount of sound it makes while filling the balloon. on the flip side, the fan islouder because it fills balloons faster than other desktop models. the balloon in this video is a bit bigger andtook a little more time to fill up. once the balloon is full, remove the fillingchamber from the heating element. press down on both sides of the solid valve attachmentand it will release from the filling chamber. from here you will attach the mouthpiece tothe valve and press in to release the vapor from the balloon.

so now we’ll jump into a vape session withthe volcano. first off, you’ll notice the balloon in this video is a bit smaller. thisis the size balloon i prefer to use when it’s just me. i recommend starting your first balloonat level 5. after the first couple balloons, you can increase to level 6 or 7. here i startedoff at level 6 to show the kind of vapor quality you can expect. once the balloon is full, flip the green buttondown to turn off the fan and then remove the filling chamber from the heating element.detach the valve and connect the mouthpiece. the volcano’s vapor density, quality andunique design really set this desktop unit apart from all others. it’s extremely easyto use, easy to maintain and built to last.

the volcano is definitely not a portable unitweighing in at 3.5 lbs but if you do manage to bring it to a friend’s house, or havefriends over at your place, the volcano is definitely the life of the party. the solid valve attachment design is builtextremely well and can take a beating. i normally just launch the balloon across the room tomy friends and i never have to worry about it breaking. also, the solid valve volcanoballoons are super versatile because they allow you to create sizes for any type ofsmoking session. you can make bigger balloons for sessions with friends that get about 5-7hits per balloon or build a 10 foot balloon that will get you 15+ hits.

you can also create a smaller balloon forsingle smoke sessions while relaxing at home. in this vape session you will notice a littlebit of vapor escaping from the chamber due to over-filling the balloon a bit. it’snot that big of a deal but you can eliminate the vapor from escaping by not letting theballoon get too full. you can also see the orange light lit up betweenthe red power switch and the green fan switch. the orange light lets you know when the heatingelement is on and showing that the unit is currently heating up. once the desired temperature level has beenreached, the orange light will shut off. as always, i recommend removing the chamber fromthe heating element after the balloon is full

to help conserve your herbs. i also recommend removing the metal fillingchamber insert after a couple balloons to stir up your herbs. this will make sure thatyou are getting a consistent vape of all your herbs and ensure the best vapor taste andquality. once your session is complete, you can either turn off the volcano or just leaveit on if you’ll be back shortly. ok so now i’ll talk about the pro’s andcons. first of all, the volcano has the best vaporquality, vapor density and taste of any vaporizer currently on the market. other units providedifferent features but nothing compares to the volcano.

the overall build quality is also the beston the market. the volcano has no finicky parts or design flaws. it’s extremely easy to use whether you getthe “classic” or the “digit” and you essentially never have to clean the volcanoif you go with the easy valve set up. now the con’s are the cost. at $539, itis currently one of the most expensive vaporizers on the market. but as i mentioned in my previousvideos, in this market, you definitely get what you pay for. the size of the volcano is by no means discreetand it is not a portable unit. it’s meant for home use only.

the time in which it takes for the volcanoto heat up could also be considered a con but it’s not a deal breaker. also, the noise when filling balloons is louderthan its competitors but as you saw earlier in the video, it fills up balloons in a fractionof the time. so i’d like to thank you for taking thetime to watch my volcano vaporizer review. if you are interested in buying the volcano,you can click the link below for the current price through an authorized dealer. if you found this video helpful, please don’tforget to like and subscribe! i’ll be making more vaporizer videos including tips and tricks,cleaning tutorials and new vaporizer reviews.

if you have any comments, suggestions or ideas,feel free to leave them in the comments sections here or on my website and i’ll try to answereverything to the best of my ability. thanks again and have a great day.