vape jellyfish

vape jellyfish

♪ (punk rock music) ♪ - hey, guys. what up?it's your girl, liza. - (squeals) liza koshy! yes! - (in admiration) liza! i love her! i want to be her best friend so bad. - (liza) and welcome backto my youtube cha-- hey, hey, up here. anyways, welcome back to my youtube cha-- seriously?! what's upwith all these artsy zoops?

- (snickers) - (liza) what is this?some sort of artsy vlog? (camera knob clicks)yeah, it is. welcome to an average day...- she's trying too hard. - (liza) ...closeup objects,and time lapses. (alarm clock beeping) - she's making fun of every vlogger ever. - (liza) pleh! bleh!- yes. so true. - that is exactly howi wake up every morning.

(alarm clock stops) - that is me straight-up. - ew! she was all up in there. ew!! - (giggles) - this is like my daily struggle. - (liza) oh! oh, that's hot!- (giggles) - do people actually fi-- i don't know how peoplefind this entertaining. ♪ (casual music, stops abruptly) ♪

- (liza spits) oh, it's too hot! - it's gonna be hot. - (liza spits, gasps) it's too hot! why is everything so hot?! ♪ (casual music) ♪- (chuckle) - signature. yes. her signature face. - (liza) hah!- (snickers) - (liza) okay, so not everything. - that's me, 100%.

♪ (energetic music) ♪ - i wish i had that enthusiasm. - i love this. this is amazing. - (giggling) - i love how real she isin all of her videos. - (liza) i gotta go. there isso much sand in my butt crack. so that is all i have for you guys today. thank you so much for watching.- i need more. - (liza) little brown girllosing her shirt.

oh my god.- (giggling) - (liza) this is pornography. byyye.- (laughing uncontrollably) i love her so much. - (squealing) i love her so much! oh. is there another one? - hi, guys. what's up? it's your girl, liza. - (chuckles)- (liza) coming at you.

and welcome back to my youtube channel. today i have some beauty hacks for you. (voice-over) haven't washedyour hair in 17 days? that's a specifically long time.- same. - (liza, voice-over)well, use some dry shampoo to refresh that hair.- (laughing) - (liza, voice-over) and ifyou haven't washed your body, spray it all over that too.- yes. (chuckles)- (liza, voice-over) everyone will think

you've showered... or that you're just on drugs. - (laughs)(children cheer) - honestly, her videos are fine. but i think her personality is the real thing that's standing out. - (liza, voice-over)want to put on your makeup at the perfect anglelike the beauty gurus do? - that's me.- (liza, voice-over) well, you can.

first, grab some scotch tape.- oh no. - (liza, voice-over) then placeon your eyes and face... - oh no.- (liza, voice-over) ...until you look borderline racist. - oh no! - (liza, voice-over) ...untilyou look borderline racist. - ha ha! oh. - (liza, voice-over) and peel to reveal absolute perfection.- aah! oh no.

- (liza, voice-over)want to know a secret way to making your girls look bigger? stuff them with tissue! - (laughs)- (liza, voice-over) then if someone makes fun of you for...- that's her boyfriend! - oh, this is the onewith david in it. yes! me and david need to be best friends too. - (liza, voice-over)if someone makes fun of you for stuffing your bra,you can use your tissue to cry into.

(blowing nose)- it's a life hack to remember. - (liza) girls, you do notneed to stuff, contour, or even duct-tape yourselves in any way. yes, duct tape. i've tried it before.almost lost a nipple. - (winces) - doesn't that hurt?! i don't understand. - (liza) but you are beautifuljust the way you is. - aw. - (liza) even if you aregrammatically incorrect.

and besides, it's what'son the inside that counts. (voice-over) do youpaint on your fake eyebrows every single day?- yes. i do. (giggles) - (liza, voiceover) and then they do. - i've been there, girl. - (liza) just grab a sharpieand fill them in. just be careful how you draw them. - oh.- (liza, voice-over) because it is permanent.

- she looks like goku now. (chuckles) - (liza) so that is all i havefor you guys today. little brown girl, huh, is out.- yes. get it, girl. - (liza) byyyeee. - she's so cute. oh, i love her. - i love her attitude. she's so upbeat. - i don't know who that person is, but i definitely don't want to watchany more of their content. - she's so random.she's like a walking meme.

like, she has a facialexpression for everything. - that was a beauty gurumakeup female video that has nothing to dowith anything i experience. but i still enjoyed it,and that's very interesting. - (fbe) so this online stargot her start partly on vine. - yeah. that's where i know her from. okay. i know what you're talking about. - i was there for it all.been there since day one. - i miss vine.

- (fbe) so we're gonna show yousome of her vines now. - oh, sick. - i love vines. bring 'em on. - (liza) wait, what's that?is that a butterfly? - oh, i've seen this one! - (laughs) - (liza) it's me.- (chuckles) i've seen that one. - i wish i could come up with this stuff.

- (liza) how did you getsuch great eyebrows? oh. well, i guess it's in my jeans. (smack)- (laughs) (smack) - okay, that one was kinda clever. - i've seen that too.she's one of the original viners. - (liza) i just farted. oh really? wait a second. (rasps, flaps tongue)- (snickers)

- (liza) good one, right? chipotle?yeah, it was! woo!(hands clap) - ew! - friend goals. - a girl's laugh completely depends on whether or not a guy's around. if a guy's around... (cute giggle)

if he's not... (boisterous laugh)- (laughs) - that's so me. - o-okay. - (cashier) your total's 5.69. - (david) i got it. my treat. - (liza) no.- (david) it's fine. - (liza) no, no, no.- (david) no, it's okay. - (liza) no, no, no. no.

- (laughs) i saw that onebefore. that was funny. - very #relatable. i'll subscribe. - there's people that try to be funny,but they're extra corny. and it's like, it don't work. but when liza does it,it is so perfect. i love her. - (fbe) these were videos madeby the online star liza koshy. - yes, they were. - yes. my queen. - (fbe) had you ever seenany of her videos before today?

- i think i've seenone of her vines before. and the reason i stilldon't know who she was is 'cause i wasn't entertained then, and i'm still not entertained now. - yeah. on instagram mostly. - not her youtube videos, but her vines. some of her vineswent really, really viral. - i follow her on the snap.

i used to follow her on vinewhen i had a vine. - her comedic timing is really great, and i appreciate that so much. - (fbe) part of liza'srise to online success is that she is one of the biggestvine stars in the world, with over a billion loops.- wow, that's really good. i didn't know that. - that's what's up.a billion? that's a lot. - something must be i missing the joke?

is there a joke i'm missing? - (fbe) and vine recentlyannounced it was shutting down. but even before that, she had not uploadeda video on vine since march. - right, yeah. i know it's beena while since she's vined. - really? wow. i mean, she's probablydoing really well on youtube. - vine is kinda dead. - (fbe) some of what people saywas a part of vine's demise

was most of the creatorshad basically stopped using it. - they've realized thatif they put five-second clips into five-minute videos, they're also getting a larger audience, because now less and less peopleare actually using vine. - vine was inevitably justgonna be a temporary trend, because it had nowherethat it could truly evolve into. there's nowhere it can go,so there's nothing they can do but move on to a platformthat's better suited to monetize.

♪ (harp arpeggio) ♪ - (fbe) a public serviceannouncement from teens react. liza has expanded nowto making content on other places like youtube, instagram, and and now has over 20 millionfollowers across all platforms. - that's dope. on all of them? i like her it's really funny. - (fbe) what do you thinkit is about her content that makes her so popular online?

- i think she's just's not even what she says. it's just her facial expressions,the way she delivers things. - the range of diversity in her videos allows to hit on differenttarget audiences. so her videos aren't just for one person. it's for everyone to watch and enjoy. - she's also doing the cliche"so relatable" stuff as an "oh, i'm a personwho can't do all this stuff. let me make a video of itso other people can relate to me."

- they're relatable. and nowadays,people hate relatable. but i love it, 'cause i can't relatewith a lot of people. so now that i can relate with her,it's perfect. i love her. - she's making fun of thesethings that people think. especially, like, females my agethink it's super important to be some sort of she's making fun of it. then it's like, "okay,i can just be myself, because people like herare liked by a lot of people just for being who she is."

- (fbe) so finally, with her fast growth and the types of content she makes,what is your prediction of how popular shewill get over the years? - i mean, it really all depends. if she keeps it up and does what she does, i'm pretty sure she'll skyrocket. - i think she's a very relevantpart of this culture and this age group,and i think she's gonna go far. - if she's just growing this much,

of course, then she's gonnakeep growing more. but eventually, she will plateau. - i do think that she's gonnagrow in her popularity. - it's just gonna keep going. i can't even predict whereyoutube is going to be, but i guarantee she will be on that. - i think she's definitelynot just like a fad. i think she has a good personality enough to keep her fanbase growing and growing.

and i think she canbe around for quite a while. - she's gonna get really popular, especially since i've seen thatshe's in that new madea movie. and madea's extremely popular. if she continues to do youtubeand movies and tv shows, she'll be set for life. - thanks for watchingthis episode of teens react. - if you want to see more, subscribe. we have new content every week.

- let us know in the comments what online star we should react to next. - thanks for watching. byeee! - hey, everyone. it's dallen here at fbe. thanks so much for watchingthis episode of teens react. really, really hope you like it.we worked really hard on it. now what you need to dois go down here and subscribe to liza. she is so awesome. tell her fbe sent you.