vape it easy

vape it easy

hello and happy vaping thanks forstopping by this how to make e juice diy e juice this is adam at the bait lovely channelif you're on the youtube channel please make sure to subscribe to the channel: we're doing awesome giveaways all thetime and such like that this videos gonna be on how to make each use at home diye juice andy juice recipes it's really quite simple let me start bysaying you have to be 18 years of age or older tube8 or even play with the jews

i'm there is nicotine involves so youhave to be 18 years of age or older and of course use extreme caution pleasealso come by the facebook page power slash they lovely and check that out as wellappreciate a little like were growing in popularity every day one of myfavorite sites to use for each use recipes i'm just gonna show yet basics here on if you're using a on macintosh computer you can alwaysgo to rate here or i'm sorry this is it is for pcs

and i'm gonna leave a link at the bottomup the video in the description box for everything you're gonna need how to make e juice diy e juice this is e-juice me up it's a calculatorand we'll get back to that in just a minute the other one if you don't have arm if you don't have if you have a a a pc you're gonna wanna go here i'll if youdon't have a pc to ec bait that com great say for calculating in learning about mixing

the juices and how to make your own youliquids and they choose so let's get started real quick myfavorites 8 to go to for recipes is site called eat actually with a dash recipes dot comagain early but a link at the bottom let's say at thebottom in this video the description box here is there main page he liquid recipes so what i do is when iget to the main page here are over here to the rating but notclear once i just go ahead and click the rating barand its gonna give me sum up

some five star rating from users fromall over the world how to make e juice diy e juice so what i'll do is i'll stroll down alittle bit and i'll on the custard stand i love canalcustard each uses so we might try that are want better banana pudding at sallythats process so i'll go ahead and click on been aptlyin and its gonna get it works and aseparate san diego would that and what you're gonna see here'sthe recipe rate favors later one labor to its leaders

3 and this particular recipe is in a 24milligram arm i don't know how much they're makinghere looks like you're makin ten milliliters rate here so we're gonna get it basic idea therecipe right from here so either calculator that you use youcan either use this one if you're using a mac or an apple he say bait that com or you can use the one off show in justa minute so how to make e juice diy e juice this particular recipe calls fornicotine juice that she's using

years forty eight milligrams at ahundred percent pg what i use always is a hundred milligrams per milliliternicotine e-liquid in a hundred percent vg i just like that it seems to last a lotlonger for me and you'll probably find it too to be the same case so well till izaakover here not safe labor what has been very and green they are calling 46 percent

up that to be in the ten milliliter container that we're going to use she'susing cheese k from and this is from the labor printthis or the perfume apprentice this one's from law ran and this isright now also from the perfume apprentice withlabor prince so she's using six six and a percent up the total volume is gonna be thesleeper so how to make e juice diy e juice labor one flavor to labor three 6 6 and a respectively so i'll go overhere to the

do it yourself ec bait dot com i'll come over here too let's say will go with the e-liquid calculator 10flavors damaged and its rd my here and i'm gonna say three flavorsnumber labor's 3 are clicked on a and onset number flavors cad its trash so to remember i'll the flavor one two and threerespectively

the percentage i'll that was gonna be here sex okay 6 and game percent okay now the amount to make were making tenmilliliters rate here 10 mils up okay now the base nicotine level remember thebasement that she's using its forty-eight milligrams per milliliter 100 percent pg i'll a over here

a hundred milligrams per milliliter and i use a i am i use how to make e juice diy e juice a hundred percent vg ucla calculates their soccer 0 here make sure my target nicotine levels iraqif you're your tank system you might be used in an18 milligram i'm using a the six milligrams per cent you tripping andnot to make his ten

six milligrams here just make sure alleverything's relaxed don't answer the phone and let's say we don't worry about this cuz there'snothing in the recipe calls for that are labor law 2 int x 6 and a which is correct let's just makesure 66 in a and let's see what we do when wecalculated you always have to agree to the termsuse which we already did earlier but you'llhave a little box there you just

agree to it and then click calculate how to make e juice diy e juice the you'll see the calculations here k now hundred milligrams the net we'reusing points 54 milliliters we're going to use 3 no leadersproclaimed late call we're going to use 4.46 millilitersvegetable glycerin we're going to use point six millilitersour labor one squint six milliliters over labor 21.0

8 no leaders over labor three so what you'll do as you can purchase thesupplies again with the links that i have underthe description box for yet i or if you want your gonna want to geta syringe i'll again you get the supplies from asupplier that i have under be and these prices by the way at theleast expensive but i found you'll find your cost for making tenmilliliters a busy juice is only a dollar twenty nine so use my links you're gonna get greatpricing a lot of 8 stores

and illiquid manufactures use them sowhy not you a get the same great pricing as well on but basically areas nicotine e-liquid .5 formal leaders you can also go to cvsor walgreens and ask the pharmacist were a us a ranch now they're usuallynine times at it and give you syringes if you just tell me you're using it foryou know each uses how to make e juice diy e juice mixing flavors or what have you toldyour you know don't whatever but they're usually hand them over they don't haveneedles or anything on but there you get a very accuratereading by using

and no leaders in this syringe tape i'll apparatus which you use .5 formalleaders have your hunter milligram nicotine e-liquid thathappens to be i all virtual classroom you use threemilliliters of propylene glycol you use actual classroom 4.46 moleleaders that's just my particular land you might wanna live at work pgthan bg that's up to you and you can adjust that rate up herecalculator if you want it more mom you know more up proclaimed like callyou can make those adjustments or

alright here but get an idea you knowcheck out this site on and make sure that you know what youdoing before you start playing with this nicotine is a you know pretty toxic and dangerous substance keep it awayfrom pets keep away from children keep it locked up always you know what'syour tools of wear protective clothing andwork gloves make sure you know you're playing itsafe it's common sense but make sure go how to make e juice diy e juice through this site this e-cig bait that calm is a great siteit's got a lot of information on it

let me show you the other for you candownload this particular i'll program right on your computer and its it's really very good this oneis called aegis me up this is for regular pc asyou can download this paper we write on your computer and like i said here very similar youget the same readings your nicotine's nicotine strength eachuse i'm using a hundred percent veteran a hundred milligrams per literok it might target nicotine's

for me is it is gonna be six percent i'm sorry six milligrams per milliliterthat's because i'm tripping i'm not using a tank you might want touse 1824 whatever your milligram strength typically is how to make e juice diy e juice the amount to make here we're doing tenmilliliters later one 2&3 remember our percentage it usually nine times at 10 all %uhviewer flavors that you get from like this labor practice or a ranch they are pg base so you not to worryabout that the that 100 percent

remember are percentages here were six sex and a real quick debts it make sure thecalculations are gonna be correct nicotine strengths 100 percent bghundred milligrams are makin 6 milligram per milliliter on doing tenmilliliters total my percentages are correct labor 12 inthree now might target pga like i said i'm adripper so i want more but that smokeless transform into a thirty and it's automatically seventy over herepg vegetable glycerin

and i'm gonna hit calculate and as yousee your nicotine each use is .6 they shouldbe relatively the same or call on accurate to the other which isdead with be mac version lets check it out see here are nicotine he jus rooney'spoint six scroll down a little bit here and it's pretty close .5 for how to make e juice diy e juice okay i and are flavor 12 and three is going to be points 6.6 some point a

again labor 12.3 points 6.6 and pointeight milliliters so it looks like it's pre pre you knowon the same page about the only discrepancy that i see is.5 for milliliters up your nicotine purses points6 so you know you be the judge play around with it be very careful with this you know with with mixing nicotine especially nicotine at a hundredmilliliters her i'm sorry hundred milligrams permilliliter

it's pretty toxic stuff so if it shouldget on your hands wash your hands immediately with soapand water repeat if necessary just play you know play by the rules make sure you knowwhat you're doing practice how to make e juice diy e juice safety keep nicotine and all thesevarious chemicals away from children and pets just practice comments you know common sense but these are some of the best tools available rightnow out their online for your are you so scared we all thetime

i'll it's just a great calculator i began on a mac or i'm sorry i'm a pcguy but if you're using a mac go ahead anduse this particular ec state that com and you know have fun with it but whateveryou do definitely good ec great that comment and read overeverything it's gonna teach you how to make what's here been for me where you go but say thelake bottom but this in the description box you might have toclick on the more button

to to see all the links and adescription but down those are the best prices outthere right now but i felt for your on that's that those offenders that iuse there's a defender's a lot of eight stores use and a lot ofthe now you know he jus manufactures theyuse these guys and i hope you enjoy the video and you know like i said make sure please ifyou would subscribe to my channel we're gonna be doing some how to make e juice diy e juice sec giveaways in the very near future

we're gonna be given away somesubscription e-juice boxes from a very reputable e2subscription service we're going to be giving away a mechanical mod we're doing some big things here soplease subscribe to the channel: like us on facebook facebook com forwardslash state lovely all the informations in the descriptionbox hope you enjoy this video and please practice safety when makingyour own e-juice keep all these chemicals away fromchildren and pets how to make e juice diy e juice and make sure you're over the age of 18before you even begin to try to stop

thanks again for stopping by and have agreat day