vape guide for beginners

vape guide for beginners

hey guys buzz here with vaporizerwizard.comand today i’ll be reviewing the pax 3 portable vaporizer by paxlabs. the pax 3 is a portable conduction vaporizeroffering the ability to vape both dry herbs and concentrates. the pax 3 is currently one of my highest ratedportable vaporizers for overall portability next to the grasshopper. not only does the pax 3 last for 100 minutesof average continuous use but it’s extremely easy to pocket and conceal out on the go. this makes the pax 3 my most used vaporizerfor outdoor activities like hiking, biking,

skiing or snowboarding. the pax 3 ranks highest in categories likeaverage battery life, ease of use, durability, and overall portability. the new pax 3 features a bunch of internalchanges including a 15-20second heat up time, an adjustable temp spectrum via the bluetoothand pax labs smartphone app, an upgraded battery, and a newly designed concentrate lid. the outside is exactly the same dimensionsof the pax 2, but they changed the outer shell to a polished finish instead of brushed aluminumand the entire unit weighs about 3 grams more. at the time of this video the pax 3 retailsfor $275.

you can click the links in the about sectionor the top left corner to get the current price and a full review on my website. throughout this pax 3 vaporizer review, i’llgo over the new features, battery life, charging options, the different chamber lids, i’llgo over some comparisons, and finish up with my preferred loading techniques and a quickvape session. so here is the pax 3 vaporizer. the first thing you’ll notice is how lightand durable it feels in the hands. you’ll also notice that they changed theouter shell from brushed aluminum to a polished finish.

i have noticed more finger prints and it’snot as easy to keep clean but a quick wipe down will leave it looking fresh again. i haven’t had any big drops or bad scratchesyet to test the durability of the outer shell but i’ll be taking it skiing all winterto see how it holds up. the design and functionality is very basicwith the pax 3. you have the chamber and chamber insert, whichis located at the bottom. you have the mouthpiece that is located atthe top, and the power button is located under the mouthpiece. included with the pax 3 is the vaporizer itself,some cleaning tools, 3 extra chamber screens,

1 concentrate insert, 2 chamber inserts (half-packand full-pack), 2 mouthpieces (flat and raised), a micro usb charging cable, keychain + keyring,and lastly the pax vapor smartphone app. the exact dimensions of the pax 3 are 3.87 inches tall by 1.2 inches wide by .85 inches deep and it weighs roughly 93 grams. by comparison the crafty is 135 grams, the firefly 2 is 140 grams, the davinci iq is roughly 145 grams. you get two different mouthpieces with thepax 3, one flat and one raised. i personally prefer to use the flat mouthpiecefor not only the concealment factor but also the raised mouthpiece seems to produce hottertemps on my lips, most noticeable with aggressive draws.

both mouthpieces swap out very easily. just get a fingernail in the groove and liftup for the flat mouthpiece and push to one side or the other to remove the raised mouthpiece. next we’ll go over the different chamberlids. the first one and original chamber lid isthe full-pack. i prefer to use this one when i’m vapingwith multiple people. you can also use it if you wanted to packone bowl and break it down into multiple sessions. using the same bowl for multiple sessionslowers the efficiency and flavor so it’s generally not recommended, but it does workwell when i am skiing and its tough to repack.

the pax 3 works best when the chamber is fullypacked which means it will hold around .3 grams and provide 20-30 draws in a session. the half-pack lid is perfect for 1-2 peopleand will provide about 10-15 draws in a roughly 10 minute session. keep in mind that you can speed up a sessionor slow it down based on the temps you vape at and what type of herb you are using. the half-pack lid really improves the efficiencyfor smaller sessions with the pax 3. it’s still not as efficient as an on-demandconvection vaporizer like the firefly 2 or grasshopper, but it’s a big improvementover the standard lid.

last is the new concentrate lid. it’s basically a canister attached to alid with seals so none of the materials leak out regardless of how you hold your pax 3. i’ve found the sessions to be very enjoyableand a little amount goes a long way. personally, i feel like the concentrate insertis nice to have but it’s not going to replace your dab rig or e-nail. it’s more for someone who mainly vapes dryherbs but likes the option to use some concentrates now and again. overall, the concentrate insert works wellwithout creating a mess to clean up.

all of the lids are easy to remove. for the dry herb full and half-pack, justpress down on either side and pull out. for the concentrate insert, just grab theedges and pull it straight out. the concentrate insert does stick out of thebottom a little bit but that’s because the canister takes up the majority of the spacein the chamber and it can’t be tilted side to side. it can only go straight in, or come straightout. so it definitely removes some of the concealmentfactor when using the concentrate insert but also makes it easy to replace.

i can get about .3 grams of herb with thefull-pack lid and around .15 grams with the half-pack lid. extra fine grinds will produce the best cloudsand dense vapor but will increase draw resistance and increase cleaning frequency. my personal preference is to use the half-packlid with an average to fine grind and pack down the herbs pretty tightly. this gives me a good combination of air flowand vapor density. i only use the full chamber when multiplepeople are involved or if i plan to use a single oven for multiple sessions.

the full-pack is often too big for one personand can lead to wasting of your herbs. to add material to the concentrate insert,lift up on either end of the canister and drop the materials into the bottom while avoidingthe air paths. i recommend starting out with a small amountand add more later if needed. the oven doesn’t get anywhere near as hotas a dab rig or e-nail so it takes a longer time to extract. once you have some materials in the canister,place the lid back on the canister and you’re ready to insert the lid into the oven. the canister also removes from the lid foreasy for easy cleaning.

the bottom does stick out of the unit a littlebit to make it easier to remove. i recommend temperature 4 for concentrateuse. the pax 3 uses a rechargeable non-replaceable3500mah 18650sized battery which is an upgrade from the 3000mah in the pax 2. i’ve been averaging about 100 minutes ofuse on a full charge and about 100 minutes to charge the unit from dead. four solid white petals indicate the pax 3is fully charged and when all four petals blink red 3 times, it needs to be charged. i rarely ever run out of battery with thepax 3.

a full battery will last me 5-7 sessions whichis usually more than enough for a full day worth of activities. but if you want an option to charge the pax3 on the go i recommend picking up an external charger like this one. something like this one will charge the pax3 from dead three times. you can also get smaller ones but make surethey output at 2 or 2.1 amps by comparison the davinci iq averages 50-70minutes of battery life using the same battery as the pax 3 but features a replaceable batterysystem. downside to the iq is that it takes roughly240 minutes to fully charge a dead battery

within the unit. the crafty averages 30 minutes of use andtakes roughly 120 minutes to charge from dead. the pax 3 uses one button located under themouthpiece at the top of the unit. to turn the unit on, press the mouthpiecebutton one time, same to turn it off. once you turn the unit on the pax 3 automaticallybegins heating to your last set temp. hold down the power button for 2 seconds toget to the temp options. a quick press will change temps. one petal is temp one which is 360 degreesfahrenheit. two petals is 380 degrees, temp 3 is 400 andtemp 4 is 420.

the last option is a custom pre-set temp thatcan be changed to any temperature within the 360-420 range via the pax vapor smartphoneapp. shake the device or hold down the power buttonfor 2 seconds to select a temp. the device does not heat while you are intemp select mode and you can’t change the pre-set temp without the app. first, you get one custom pre-set temp option. you can change it to any temp within the spectrum. you can also change the color theme to blue,yellow, red or the default green. adjust brightness from 100% to almost completelyoff.

lock the device, which is a cool feature aslong as your phone doesn’t die. adjust haptic feedback from completely off,to medium, to high. i personally like the high setting. lastly the pax 3 comes with three differentgames: paxrun, paxsays and paxspin. the cleaning and maintenance is pretty easywith the pax 3. you will want to brush out the chamber aftera session and when possible, remove the herbs from the chamber as soon as your session isfinished. this will reduce cleaning and the smell. if you vape your ovens in a single sessionyou will have a bit less cleaning than users

who break bowls into multiple sessions asthe excess oils will build up in the vapor path and top mouthpiece area. at roughly 10 sessions you’ll need to removethe screen and drop it in some iso. dip a little bit of iso on a q-tip and cleanthe chamber, chamber insert, top area under the mouthpiece and the mouthpiece itself. you may need to scrub the screen after lettingit sit in iso depending on how many sessions its been. you can also just swap out the screen fora new one and clean them all at once. lastly, you’ll want to put a little bitof iso on a pipe cleaner and run it through

the vapor path. be careful not to use too much and let theunit and all pieces completely dry before using the device again. so now that we’ve covered pretty much everythingabout the pax 3 and how to use it, let’s go ahead and jump into the vape session. for this vape session i’m using about .15grams with a fine grind, tight pack, and the half-pack chamber insert. my starting temp will be 400 degrees fahrenheitand i’ll jump up to 420 degrees with the bubbler.

i usually start a session out at 360, steppingup to 380 and finishing at 400 but i wanted to show what kind of clouds the pax 3 is capableof producing during the demo. the lower temps will produce better flavorand i really only use the 420 temp for concentrates or to finish off a session. i’ve been averaging about 15-20 second heatup times depending on the temp with a full battery. the half-pack chamber insert is perfect for1-2 people. draws per session changed based on personaluse and length of draws, but i would say i average about 10-15 draws and a session willtypically last about 10 minutes depending

on temps. the full-pack chamber insert basically doublesthe draws and the session length. i prefer to use the full lid when i’m witha group of friends or if i’m planning to use a single oven for multiple sessions. i average about 20-25 draws and a sessionwill last about 20 minutes on average. again these will vary depending on your personalpreferences. the pax 3 features a motion sensor which activatesstandby mode when the device is not being used. standby mode will rapidly cool the deviceand help save herbs.

i really like this compared to basicallyevery other unit with a set time limit auto shutoff. the pax 3 will stay on as long as you areusing it, and it will go into standby and eventually shut itself off anytime you setit down and forget about it. the draw resistance is about average for aportable conduction vaporizer and i’ve noticed an improvement in air flow with the half-packchamber. finer grinds will increase draw resistancewhile producing bigger clouds while averagegrinds will be easier to draw from but the cloudswon’t be as dense. the pax 3 is very easy to pass around andthe weirdest thing for you or your friends

might be the draw resistance. i try to explain it as sipping from a cupof hot tea and basically slow down your draw until you feel no resistance. there are a couple different options for waterpipe adapters. two options i recommend is the delta 3d studioswpa or the new vape male water pipe adapter. both of these wpa’s will work with the pax2 and pax 3. lastly, i’m using the d020-d bubbler. my first pro is the size, durability and portability. the pax 3 is my go to portable vaporizer foroutdoor activities because i know i can conceal

it easily and it’s tough enough for ruggedadventures. next is the battery life. i average about 5-7 sessions on a full chargewhich is about 100 minutes of continuous use. this is more than enough battery life fora full days’ worth of activities and the pax 3 will fully charge from dead in 100 minutes. the pax 3 is easy to use, operate and maintainplus it comes with a 10 year warranty. you also get tons of options. the new concentrate lid performs exactly asdescribed while being easy to use and easy to clean.

you also get two different dry herb chamberlids and two different mouthpieces. the last two pros would be the 15-20 secondaverage heat up times and the pax 3 offers precise temp options between 360 and 420 degreesfahrenheit with the pax app. moving on to the cons, the first downsideto the pax 3 would be the draw resistance. next con is the fact that you have to usethe app to select precise temps or change the custom pre-set temp. it would have been nice to be able to selecta specific temperature without having to pull out your phone and open up the app. next small complaint would be that the pax3 uses a stainless steel chamber, stainless

steel vapor path, but uses a food grade siliconemouthpiece. lastly, the magnet in the charging dock ispretty weak so you’ll need to wrap a rubber band around the unit and charging dock ifyou’ll be charging on the move. so overall the pax 3 is a very good vaporizerif you’re looking for ultimate portability, quick pre-heat times, an option for concentratesand above average battery life. i’ve said it a million times but i alwaysreach for the pax when i’m heading out to go hiking, biking, skiing, or snowboardingbecause i know that it will easily fit in my pockets and it’s durable enough to survivewhatever i throw at it. you can pick up the pax 3 or check out myfull pax 3 article with more pictures by following

the links down below in the about section. if you already have the pax 2 or thinkingabout buy the pax 2 instead of the pax 3, the biggest upgrades will be the faster pre-heattimes, better battery life and access to the app. as far as i know the concentrate insert willbe interchangeable with the pax 2. so if you don’t really care about the increasedheat up times and you don’t currently run out of battery life, the pax 2 might workjust fine for you. as always, if you have any questions aboutthe pax 3 or any other vaporizer, feel free to leave a comment down below or contact meon my website

thanks for watching and take it easy.