premature ejeculation cure

premature ejeculation cure

hi again! in this video, the 2nd installmentof “better sex = better relationships”, it’s time to get serious - i’m gonna showyou the fastest way i know how to create an endless man in bed which will help you nearlyalways reach an orgasm and make both yours and your mans orgasms mind blowing. and here’s another bit of good news – i’vebroken my process down into 5 logical steps, a short course – you can just follow along,and by the time you’re done, you’ll have an endless man in bed – i know, scary, right? i'm also going to show you how to use powerfultechniques to turn your man on, and show you when to the right time is to start stimulatingyour man and most importantly techniques that

will delay or stop him from coming all together,and to stop his ejaculation while it's happening. if you haven’t seen the first, introductoryvideo, i’d encourage you to watch it. there’s a link just above this video that will takeyou right to it. we're gonna start by focusing on making yourman last longer in bed - this is the path to the endless man in bed and very importantin having a great relationship and mind blowing orgasms. right now, he might not last longerthan 3 minutes, or maybe he lasts a little longer. so what i want to do is show you how to delayhis ejaculation as long as possible so when he does come, it's huge and feels great, andyou'll be able to orgasm as well.

because if your man is already trying differentmethods and techniques to last longer, adding these techniques that you can do could startgetting you much better results as soon as you use it. and less wait for more pleasureis always good. now i'm gonna move fast, because i have atendency to go on and on about this stuff because i dig it - so if you fall behind,you can always watch it a few times until you've got what you need. step 1 – stopping the stream first things first - your man needs this requiredexercise to stop his ejaculation, even with the techniques you are going to use. let metell you something, if he develops these skills,

he'll be able to stop his ejaculation andfeel an orgasm, multiple times, making him multi orgasmic. luckily for us, this exerciseis really easy - and what i'm about to show you is the fastest way to exercise. this exercise you can and should do for yourselfas well, it will make your vagina tighter, and in return, give you more pleasure, regardlessof how big or small he is. here’s the deal – first, grab a bit ofpaper, open up a document in your word processor, fire up simple note, or whatever you do tojot down stuff. the first thing i want your man to do is drinkplenty of water. everytime he goes to the bathroom he'll be practicing stopping thestream (and you should too). now if he is

already doing this, great, there may be afew tweaks he needs to do to get it down right. ok, when he's in the bathroom and starts peeing,he'll need to stop his pee. in the beginning this might be very difficult, but luckily,he can practice this 3-5 times a day. now, once he can stop his pee, hold it forat least 1-2 seconds. let it flow again for 1 second, and stop it again. and once the 1 second of flowing is done,he stops it again for 1-2 seconds. he'll need to repeat this the whole time while he pees. it's really that simple. basically what happens when he "stops thestream" is that he is building the required

muscles to stop his ejaculation. now, stopping pee is much easier than stoppingan ejaculation, but it's the start he needs to do, and if you want more pleasure duringsex, what you need to do as well. this is 70% of the ball game, right here. now, to get the rest of the 30% of stoppingthe flow or at least aiding in stopping his ejaculation, he'll have to practice "stoppingthe stream" during the day, when he's not peeing. following the same steps as "stopping thestream" he should now have concious control (and you should too) of the muscles used tostop pee.

in the same fashion, what he'll need to dois hold the muscles for 2 seconds, and stop, hold for 2 seconds and stop, and repeat thisat least 10 times in one "set." a "set" is basically one continously exercise,with rest in between before the next "set." these "sets" can be done any time during theday, while he is sitting or while he is standing. at work or at home, or while driving the car. these exercises are called kegals' named afterthe guy who discovered them. your man (and you) need to do kegals at leastonce daily, more is better, and do at least 3 sets each time. while you may have tried kegal exercises before,these are absolutely required in the 5 steps

to an endless man in bed, so do it even ifit didn't work before. see? it’s not rocket science – it’sjust a simple exercise - that works over and over again. no need to do something clever,because most of the time, new, clever stuff doesn’t have the results – this exercisedoes. it works. the other huge benefits of kegals for bothyou and your man is that blood will flow more into your privates than before. your man will get more erect, and harder,than ever before because the exercises open up the blood vessels and allow more bloodinto his penis and your vagina. you'll both also receive increased pleasurebecause of these exercises.

okay so step 1 is to exercise the requiredmuscles. then lets talk about how important breathing is for an intense orgasm and tostop an ejaculation. step 2 – breathing, for the cure now now, i know you might be thinking thisis some new age junk, breathing? pssh, i breathe awesome yo. well the truth is, we lost our way in breathing. many of us breathe through our mouths, we'relosing 10-20% oxygen that should be absorbed into our bloodstreams when we breathe withour mouths. there are a huge other host benefits breathingthrough the nose has (scroll down the page

showing article) reduced conditions like sleep apnea and heartconditions reduue hypertension and stressmaintaining our sense of smell reduce snoring especially during sex, where will we breathwhen kissing someone? through our nose that is! it also helps a man keep an erection. now, a great example of breathing will bea baby. (show video of babies belly) do you notice her belly? her mouth also hasa pacifier so she's breathing through her nose (which she would do anyway even withoutthe pacifer in her mouth).

the reason i bring the baby into this is becauseas we became adults, we learned a lot of bad habits. we were posioned by images and otherfolks to breathe through our chests as expanding our bellies is unattractive. if you ever watch a baby pick something up,they will bend their knees, but for an adult, you have to remind an adult, pick it up withyour knees not your back. most adults will bend their backs to pick up something. breathing is key for a man to be an endlessman in bed, it's the most important thing a man can do. the technique a man and you should use iscalled the 10-1-10 breathing technique.

it's really simple, but it will get greatresults. to get started, you'll just have to breathethrough your nose for 10 seconds. inhaling, through to your belly, expanding your belly. we have a bad habit of breathing through ourchests because if we breathe through our bellies, well, it makes it hard to suck in our gut. we gotta let our guts go, if you look at ababy for an example, their bellies just stick out, it's as we grow up when we start suckingin our bellies to look skinnier. so again, inhale for 10 seconds, letting yourbelly expand. hold it for 1 second.

now exhale, let the air flow out through yournose (and mouth is ok here) for 10 seconds, and let your belly flatten naturally. have your man repeat this 10 times a's great to use during sex too, it will literally stop him from ejaculating. now if you want to orgasm, you can do theopposite, hold your breath at times when you are near orgasm, and your orgasm is more likelyto happen, same goes for your man but his ejaculation will happen at the same time aswell. have him always breathe breathe breathe forhim to last longer. step 3 – turning your man on & foreplaynow is the moment of truth to use the previous

2 steps, breathing and kegal exercises, tomake it work during foreplay. as you know, it's really easy to turn a manon, you can literally shake his hand and he's ready for pinv action. i found that awesomepinv saying on gawker in the comments. the secret here, is that if a man takes timeto be turned on, he'll be able to last longer. because if a man receives stimulation tooearly on his penis before it's fully erect, he won't last as long as if he was fully erectbefore receiving stimulation. basically, you are going to need to turn himon, not just flip the switch that makes his penis hard, you want blood flowing throughouthis body. you know what i mean, your man's is extremelyturned on, wants you bad, and is really hard.

something just flipped the whole switch inhis body and he wants to make love to you badly. that's the goal for everytime you turn himon, turn him on so much, that he just wants you and can't stop himself. now, the best method to turn him on, is whati call the hands off technique. it's exactly as it sounds, you basically keepyour hands and mouth, off of his penis. what you focus on is kissing, touching andcarassing his whole body, instead of just that one small focus spot. you'll also be using your voice, licking hisears, and whispering sweet nothings into his

ear (slide says sweet nothings? more likesweet somethings). here are some great sweet nothings, of courseyou'd use them at different times, depending on if he's lick you or you are licking him. "you are turning me on so much" "wow honey that’s hitting the right spot" and "you look so sexy right now" whatever it takes to turn your man on. youknow him better than me. (slide - well at least i hope you do)

when you combine all these hands off techniques,he'll be turned on and have a burning desire for you, he'll also last longer because youdidn't stimulate him early. step 4 – the 30 second rule okay, now you covered all the pre pinv fun,now we get to the good part. this is where the preperation counts. aftergoing through those exercises and now foreplay and turning your man on, it's time to getbusy. basically here, we'll use the 30 second's very important to follow so your man becomes mostly endless. the 30 second rule is a rule that says tostop moving, stop thrusting, stop whatever

you are doing for 30 seconds when your manis near ejaculation. yes, even if you are 35 seconds away froman orgasm, this rule still applies while your man is training to be endless in bed. you'll have to stop at least 10-15 secondsbefore his ejaculation, because if you stop right on it, well, it's difficult for himto stop his ejaculation for now. what you'll need to do is set up with himsignal for when he is near ejaculation if you are the one on top and moving, but ifhe is, he'll need to control himself. also be aware of your movements, if he isclose to coming, and you move even a little bit, he'll explode.

the more and more you know his signals, howhis penis moves when hes near ejaculation, how his breathing is, the more you'll knowwhen to stop. use the 30 second rule whenever he is nearejaculation, remember 10-15 seconds before an ejaculation, you stop and he'll nearlybe an endless man in bed. step 5 the magical techniquesnow, this is the last but very important step that makes your man endless in bed. these technique i'm going to teach you hasbeen used for thousands of years, in taoism, kama sutra, and tantra that i mentioned toyou in the last video. being used for thousands of years means it's proven and it works.

ok, for the first technique, it's one yourman does. i call it the 10 thrusts technique. your man basically thrusts to a count of 10,9 shallow thrusts, where half or less of his penis enters you, and 1 deep thrust wherehe goes all the way inside you. a lot of men go crazy with their thrustingand stimulate themselves too much by thrusting too deep too much, controlling his thrusting,he'll have more attention to his body and when he's near ejaculation, the 10 thruststechnique will also delay his ejaculation. it's also a great surprise to you too, whenhe does shallow thrusts and that random long thrust, it'll keep you on your toes.

the 10 thrusts technique can be used throughout sex or near when he's close to ejaculation. tell your man to get creative so the lastthrust is not predictable. this next technique is really simple, butif done wrong, can hurt, so take caution and do it softly. the technique we'll use is called de-cocking. when a man is near ejaculation, what happensis that his testicles rise up toward his body. they get round and ready to blow. if you have a chance to see this while playingwith him, watch, it will actually happen, most men don't even know it happens but it'sa secret about his body that will help you

control and delay his ejaculation. you'll be using de-cocking with the 30 secondrule, a few moments before the 30 second rule happens is when de-cocking will be used. both you and him can do it. so it's good foryou and him to learn because it might be easier for him to reach around than for you if youare face down or on the bottom. all you or he does is basically cup his testicles,when he is near ejaculation, and slowly pull them away from his body. in the beginning, you'll want him to stopthrusting or you to stop moving, but over time, this technique can be used to delayejaculation while thrusting is happening or

if you are using your hands or mouth. this technique can be used before he is nearejaculation as well because a man's testicles literally pull up to his body over time, soif they are kept away from his body, ejaculation is delayed. it's strange how this works, though it's justhow a man's body works, so use this technique and have him use it to delay ejaculation.especially during blow jobs to train him. that's it! you now have an endless man inbed! in the next video i'm gonna tell you what to do with the endless man you just made- ya know, to experience multiple orgasms, to have mind blowing orgasms, etc. we'll alsocover the 15 minute orgasm and some of the

best positions to experience orgasms in. but remember, the first thing you need todo with your endless man is practice practice practice in bed so that he can have consistentresults, and be endless and not prematurely ejaculate. um... seriously - that's 90% or so of whati do to be an endless man in bed. now of course, there are a bunch more techniques and exerciseslike the million dollar spot which can be used to stop ejaculation while it's happen,but the fact is, starting out with these 5 steps, is where most of my and other men'sresults happen. you can do this - in just a few minutes i'veshown you what i do to be endless in bed - and

you're about to hear how to have the bestorgasms in your life with just a few simple steps. i really enjoy teaching, so i really lovedmaking the video for you - i hope your brain is spinning with ideas and craftiness abouthow to get an endless man in bed. and once again, i'm off to make you the next videoin this series, and that's where we talk about you experiencing the best orgasms in yourlife, multiple times - so indulge me a couple of days to get it ready for you. remember, don’t just do it later – cureit tonight.