premature ejection

premature ejection

wisdom someone recently sent me any emailasking about sax premature ejaculation andanti-depressants and although we don't usually talkdirectly about sex about this particular topic would makean interesting video so i'm going to start out talking aboutsex in anti-depressants and the effects of anti-depressants on sex drive and then i'm going to discuss prematureejaculation and give you some tips that might help you last longer

the emails say's, "hi corrina, that's me! i have a problem with the control of myarousal states and often times i ejaculate after three or four minutes i simply can't control it. i've triedsome supplements with 5htp to raise my serotonin levels 'cause i've read the anti-depressantcan delay a orgasm but after four months of using them ifound that they sort of work but not

really my question for you it is, can i try yesssri anti-depressants like prozac zoloft or paxil all to fix my problem ordo you know of some other remedies that i can use? thank you and i'm lookingforward to your youtube videos! so he mentioned five each t_p_a_ in hisemail and just in case you don't know five each c_p_a_'s and you know assetand nutrient that's used by the body to manufacture neuro transmitters like serotoninmelatonin intrepid fan and because

antidepressant commercials often saythat anti-depressants act on serotonin people get the ideathat depression is caused by low serotonin and in attempts to fix that naturallythey'll take five each t_p_ with the hopes that that will boost theirserotonin levels it's well-known that anti-depressantshave negative sexual side effects one of which being inability to exchangeorgasm and difficulty climax ng and this is a well known side effect ofanti-depressants and some doctors claim that half of their patients on s_s_i_right into the presence

actually have these niggas actualside-effects but this isn't the only one there there are actually other negativesexual side effects associated with anti-depressants also anti-depressants tend to negativelyaffect sax on four levels first day in here that would be does thepeople are actually less interested in facts second they inhibit your ability tobecome aroused thirty-day inhibit sensation and canactually limit the enjoyment of sax

and four th may inhibit your ability toachieve orgasm or climax in some cases anti-depressants canliterally cause sexual dysfunction such as the inability to have adirection altogether or the inability to achieve orgasm there's actually a youtube video thathave been made after taking packs all where he claims that it caused sexualdysfunction now include a link to that video in thedescription but if you want to find a it's called anti-depressants do cause

permanent sexual dysfunction so if you can't even cheer interactionat all then you don't have to worry about premature ejaculation and if you're just not interested in sexat all and you don't have to worry aboutpremature ejaculation but you might want to consider thatthese are we all side-effects that some people have experienced on thesedrugs so this is a real bratsk also want to bring up the point thatanti-depressants are not approved by the f_d_a_ to treat or improve

premature ejaculation and when somebodytakes and drug for use other than the prescribed usage this is called a awfully pple usage and while there are certainly somedoctors who are boneheaded enough to prescribe drugs for off label uses why take the risk in this video i_d_ punch the idea that serotonin hasanything to do with depression we take a look at the scientific literature andsee what the experts are really saying people from the f_d_a_ the nationalinstitute of health and even the

american psychiatric association so if you have any question aboutserotonin and depression then go ahead and check out that video before youfinish the swine the thing to consider is thatanti-depressants don't increase your and now theserotonin they just prevent serotonin in betweentwo nerve cells from falling back into one of the nervecells so they just kind of trapped serotoninin the same at sort of space between the two nerve cells

so it's not increasingly amount ofserotonin it just kind of moving it around andkeeping it in the sent out a little bit longer additionally anti-depressants combinedaltering drugs and they can have a myriad of negativeside effects like nisa nervousness agitation insomnia suicideality an homicidal ideation s dipping to realize is that these drugsare systemic and they're going to affect your entire body

so they're going to affect your heartcarolinas your liver your digestive system not to mention your brain and yourentire central nervous system so if you're having a problem with jerkynests theme are you going to take a drugthat's going to chemically altered your brain not to mention affecting your entirecentral nervous system i mean really kind of an extreme thing to do

it's like if you had a problem with thetire on your car it went ahead and overhauled the entirecars engine situate dress the topic of prematureejaculation premature ejaculation is not a disease it's defined by blasters and johnson asa condition where a man in jackie elites before his sexual partner reaches orgasmin more than fifty percent of their sexual encounters they further define where specifically that this is a jackie lesion within twominutes of penetration

so if you're lasting three or fourminutes you're actually doing ok despite what wesee in all the porno movies actual couples only have a actual sexualintercourse free coverage of five point four minutes and that's just the average that meansthat half of the people are actually having sexual intercourse for even ashorter period of time now this is just the actual intercourseso this doesn't include time spent in foreplay but it is something to consider thatmost people are actually having sexual

intercourse for a very long time at all another thing you might not know is thataccording to surveys ninety percent of the women cannot achieve orgasm fromsexual intercourse alone ninety percent so bad that rationale all men are pretty much prematureejaculation because whether your lasting for thirty minutes two hours or allfreakin night along it's unlikely that she's going to havean orgasm through sexual intercourse weiland and you're going to beprematurely evacuating started

monthly if you really want please your femalepartner you need to worry less about your lowremember work out what you're doing with yourwebsite hands after all the face contains fifty fivedifferent muscles you are raised in hand forty differentmuscles your tonka loan it's sixteen different muscles but for sure a u_p_s_ doesn't containany muscles and just is there and lets the rest of your bodydo all the work

and i'll just come right out and said it your hands and lamps are far moreexpressive and then a m and slower remember cutting ever be so if you can learn to make sex moreabout foreplay and less about your own climax and your partner will be a lot happier and if you're really that worried aboutit then please your partner first and finish up with intercourse after

remember that men tend to fixate on thepenis because that's the primary focus of their pleasure during sex but the penis is not the primaryinstrument of orgasm for the mass majority of women and if you're not happy with that answer then there is a technique which doesn'tinvolve any drugs and which can help them and learn to control how long ittakes into a jacket lee it's called the squeeze methane and i'mnot going to describe it for you but if you want more information than you can'tdo a basic google search

to learn more additionally some doctors will prescribeeight topical anesthetic cream to nominee male member now again this is an awful labelprescription and while this is probably a littlesafer than taking a mind-altering drug that's going to affect your brain andyour central nervous system i personally don't recommend using anydrugs that non-european latifi lp especially when the entire quite as sexyis feeling and sensation so perhaps the safest alternative wouldbe to wear a condom

with food some latin and the sensation or you can try doing long division orthinking about your grandma right when you think you're about to prematurelyejaculate a few other things to consider one the older and then gets generally thelonger it takes into climax too the less healthy and then there'sgenerally the longer it takes into weight gain and obesity have also beenlinked to sexual dysfunction

the more sexually active and man isgenerally the longer it takes into so if you're young and healthy chancesare your body is working just to the way that it's supposed to and getting a little older may take careof the problem for you so those are my thoughts onanti-depressants and premature ejaculation and he made this video simply becausesomebody ask us to says there's something that you'd like to as to makea video about then please send us a messenger leave acomment

and provided that it's a seriousinsincere request we just me make a video for you ways magazines like cosmopolitan are constantly featuring cover storieslike the twenty five secs news fifty-two sex tapes seven things you must know about orgasmsand this is an ad re single issue of the magazine sex tapes can there really be and a future video i'm going to give youmy honest-to-goodness takes about sex

and how to improve your relationship and in another video we're going to talkabout women and how drugs like anti-depressants or the birth controlpill affect female sexual health so please be sure to subscribe i hope you enjoyed this video if youfound it interesting i hope that you will give me a thumbs up or share itwith your friends please be sure to frank psyche truth anykarina rachel on the face that and we'll see you next time

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