nexus 6p root

nexus 6p root

hey, guys, it's me rahul and today we aregoing to check out 30 best root apps. since i have a huge list, i'm not going toexplain each and every feature of the apps that are featured in this, if you want to know more about any of theapps that i mentioned in this video, just google it.and some of the apps in this listare xposed modules so you can only install them using the xposed installer app.with thatbeing said let's do this. 1.the first app on the list is xposed installer. xposed installer is one of the first appsthat i install after i root a device .because with this app you can do a lot of amazingthings by using its hundreds of modules that

you can download for free and also you cancouple this app with other apps to enable more is a wonderful application thatevery root user should check out. 2.viper4android is an audio enhancing software. it is not like an ordinary equalizer, it'sclever coding really helps you to make any crappy sounding speaker really isa fully fledged audio equalizer, if you are an audiophile this is a must have app. app on the list is greenify, it isthe best battery saver app for android.this app kills all the background running processesto reduce battery consumption. i know most of you have already heard aboutthis app, those who haven't heard of it

please install this app and use it. it is really awesome 4.flash fire is an on-device firmware flasher,in other words, it is an app version of a custom recovery. using this app you can flash firmware packagesand you can also backup and restore roms and it also has many other functionalities thatare very useful. 5.resolution changer does what it says ithelps you to change the resolution of your phone, there are many apps out there whichdo the same thing, most of them have the same ui as well.

so yeah check it out if you are interested 6.titanium backup is one of the most recognizablenames in the android community. the easiest way to explain this app is bysaying " this is the king of all backup apps". i mean literally, you could backup the wholephone. and restore whenever you want to. there are some features in this app that youcould never see in any other it might not have a material ui, but the fact that thisapp does what it claims is the only reason why this app still the no 1 choice among rootusers. one on the list is screen recorderapps.

there are a bunch of good screen recorderapps, but none of them allows you to record internal audio without root access. so i'm gonna name a few of my favorite screenrecorders that allow you to record internal audio. recme andscr pro are the only apps that work on all device, but if you have a samsung device thenyou can try out game recorder+ and mobizen. one is kernel auditor, with this appyou can tweak settings of the kernel.with the new update, they added so many featuresinto this app. you can overclock your phone’s cpu a littlebit with this app, and it also has a bunch

of other cool features that can make yourdevice at least 5 times better. if you like customizing old android phonesthen you should definitely check this one out 9.lucky patcher is a very popular app amongroot users because it is basically a packed multifunctional tool which you can use forremoving license verification, faking in-app purchases and disabling an app component orfor disabling ads on a particular app. it can be also used for patching several othercool stuff too. 10.gltools is an awesome app. and it is one of the, i guess best examplesof what a root app can, in a nutshell,

it is a graphics optimiser, so what i meantby that is with this app you can control the texture and shaders quality and much moresimply saying it gives you full control over mainly 3d graphics. so this app will help you to play those hdgames on a low-end device. 11.setcpu is an app that you can use if youwant to overclock your phone’s cpu. before you use this app make sure that yourdevice mainly the kernel and rom support overclocking. the user interface is pretty simple as well 12.i have already covered this app -servicelyin my best battery saver apps video. so if you don’t know what this app doesis,basically it will kill all background running apps to

save battery power. it is a great alternative to greenify, andit is super easy to setup 13 adaway is an another popular rootapp. i don’t support ad blocking because i getpaid from the ads on my videos. if you are using adblock right now pleasedon’t use it on your primary browser, if you visit a lot of non-trusted sites thenuse adblock on a secondary browser and use that browser to visit those sites. you all know what this app does, you can use this app to block ads on your apps and on the websitesthat you visit.

14.terminal emulator is an application thatwill allow you to access android’s built-in linux command line shell. for those who didn’t understand what i'msaying, it basically allows you to execute linux terminal commands on your phone. and it is not for you if you don’t knowwhat a terminal is. 15. system app remover pretty much does what itsays. it will help you remove those unwanted bloatwareapps that came with your phone. you can also use this app to batch uninstallmultiple apps at once with one single tap.

it is very useful app.check it out. 16. es file explorer is not a root only app, theonly reason why this app is in this particular list is because it is best root file explorer. i have used many many file explorer, but still,none of them came close to es file explorer in term of features and usability. it is still the file explorer that i recommendto anyone, i want to try something different but they all lack something that i reallycannot live without. 17.

i have been rooting and customizing and tryingout various thing for a long time and i never came across this app 3c toolbox until i startedworking on this video. i feel so stupid right now, it is my new favoriteroot app, it is really great. it does a lot of things, you can tweak prettymuch everything from the ui to the kernel. it is a really powerful, so use it only ifyou know what you are doing.otherwise, you will end up with a dead phone. 18. pimp my rom is another awesome that will letyou tweak your device's rom. you can improve the sound quality, network speed, displaypretty much everything.

i can talk about this app for at least anhour, i'm not gonna do that. it is such a great tool that every root usershould try out once. 19. there is a file called build.prop on everyandroid build, it is one of the core files of an android os. it contains informationregarding build settings and properties.. there is an app specifically for editing thisfile to unlock new features and improve various things. it is of course called build prop editor itis free in the google play store so check it out.

20. the next app is boot animations. it does exactly what you would expect it canchange the boot animation of your device. you can either choose from a variety of bootanimations from the app or you can import boot animations from your sd card. the app is well designed and very easy touse. so if you are interested in changing the bootanimation of your device then this is the way to go. 21.

gravitybox might be the popular root appsof all time because it is so fun and easy to use. most of us root our devices to customize ui,if you are one of those people, you should definitely check out gravity box, it is theking of android customization, it is so good. you can customize the navbar, status bar prettymuch anything that you can think is such a great tool that it is the first appthat everyone in the android community recommends to a user who just rooted their device. 22.xblast tools is very similar to gravitybox,both does pretty much the same thing, that is, it helps you customize ui like crazy.

you, of course, need xposed installer to makethis app work. you can download this app from the downloadsection of xposed installer. there are a ton of things that you can dowith this app, you can tweak status bar, notification panel, you can add new features, you can doa ton of stuff, i'm not gonna explain any of it, it is pretty straight forward, theui is very user-friendly. i highly recommend you to check it out. netcut is the next app on the list and it is awesome, so basically this app will allow you to monitor and control your wireless network directly from your phone. you can control the bandwidth given to each user, that basically means you can control the download speed

of a particular user. if you have an annoying neighbor who always steals data from you then this app will come in handy. and you can set on and off time to any users, it is a really awesome app. check it out 24.i’m using a new app called ice box forthe past few days and oh boy it is an awesome app. it is kind of hard to explain what exactlythis app does without being too complicated.i’ll try my best. icebox is an app freezer, it basically freezesan app and hides it from the launcher.

so freezing an app means, disabling it fromaccessing any resource, that basically means force stopping the app forever so they willnot consume battery or run in the background. in other words, this app puts an app in has a really good ui and it is very easy to use as well, just select the appsthat you want to freeze and tap on this button. it is a great app you should definitely check it out, 25 the next app tasker is possibly thehardest app to use. it might be very easy for you, but it tooka whole day to figure out how to make this app work, i watched many videos and read manyarticles and i still haven't completely figured out.

so tasker is an automation app. it might not sound like a big deal to younow. but once you actually use this app to automatesome actions you will realize how helpful this app is. the first thing that you need to do afterinstalling this app is, go to preferences and then uncheck the beginner's mode becausedoing so will unlock a bunch of useful features. to give you an idea of what this app is allabout- i will tell you some things that this app can do for you. it can put your phone on silent when you goto sleep, it can automatically turn off wifi

and turn on data connection when you leave your home,it can change wallpaper every day automatically it is an awesome app. as i said earlier it not that easy to setup,so i will leave a link to a video tutorial in the description. so check out that as well. 26. battery calibration is an app that can, youguessed it right . can calibrate battery of a device. i don’t know how much it is gonna improvebattery life.

but the reviews are pretty positive so i thinkit works well. i don't know how to test whether this appworks or not, so anyway, check it out, 27. for the next spot, i considered firewall apps,the first app that came to my mind was root firewall, it is a great app with easy to understandui. but then i thought about an old favorite ofmine, xprivacy, it is not just a firewall, it can do a lot more than that. android introduced the ability to change apppermissions in android l, but before that there was no ethical way to modify app permissions.

so people used xprivacy, it a wonderful applicationthat will let you modify app permissions. you can use this app to block network connectionsbasically doing the function of a firewall. this app really comes in handy if you areusing an old android device. 28 .rom manager is an app that all of us comeacross when we learn about custom roms and how to install is a neat softwarethat allows users to install and update custom roms and custom recovery. there are also options for backup and restoringrom's and partitioning sd card. 29. l speed is the next app on the list.

it is pretty much like any other app thati talked about previously. you can improve the performance of your device,you can tweak the kernel, you can do a lot of stuff. but what separates this app from the restis it's ui. it is well designed and simple. 30. roehsoft ram expander (swap) is the next appon the list. when i was picking apps for this video, ipurposely avoided this app, because of two reasons,no1 it bricks most devices if youdon’t know how to use this app and no2 it

doesn’t really give a dramatic differencein the performance of a device, yeah sure! you will get more ram, but it doesn’t alwaystranslate to better performance. after some thinking, i decided to includethis app on the list because it is one of those apps that really shows what androidis, how versatile android is i didn’t include some cyanogenmod apps becauseit only works on certain devices and it normally bricks the phone if you install those appson an unsupported device. and i tried to make this diverse as much aspossible that's why it took be 2 months to write the script for this video.anywayif i missed any of your favorite root apps, let me know in the comments below.with thatbeing said that's the end of this video if

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