how to blow o's vape

how to blow o's vape

hey guys buzz here with and today i will be reviewing the cfx portable vaporizer by boundless vapes. the cfx is one of two dry herb vaporizersproduced by boundless, the second being the cf. both the cfx and cf basically mimic the look of the popular storz and bickel mighty and crafty. the cfx is much like the mighty in size andfeatures, offering a 1.7 inch oled display with on vape temp control buttons and a fulltemp spectrum ranging from 100 to 430f but the cfx falls short of the mighty in categorieslike maintenance and overall vapor quality. on the flip side, you can pick up the $169cfx for less than half the price of the mighty which retails for $399.

you also have the option to go with the cfwhich is the smaller unit that retails for $129. there’s no display, you lose the vibrationalert, the quick charge option, and it comes with 5 pre-set temp settings instead of afull temp spectrum. both the cfx and cf are two of the fastestheating portable conduction vaporizers on the market averaging around 20 seconds andthe cfx can fully charge from dead in 30 minutes. so for the price, both of these units arevery competitive and the cfx at $169 makes it a very good choice next to other popularportables like the g pen elite, the arizer air, or the ss grasshopper .you can pick up the cfx from my recommended

authorized retailer below in the about section. i also have a link to my full review withmore pictures and comparisons. in this review i’ll go over the cfx features,the size and how it compares to other popular portable vaporizers. i’ll go over how to use it, how to cleanit, how to load it, i’ll demo it, and finish up with my pros and cons. so let’s jump into my cfx vaporizer review. first things first, the cfx feels great inthe hands. it is a bit bigger than most portables asfar as size but it is actually a bit smaller

than the mighty and about 15% lighter. the exact dimensions of the cfx are 5 inches tall by 2 ⾠inches wide by 1 ⼠inches deep andit weighs roughly 210 grams. by comparison the mighty weighs roughly 241 grams, the sidekickis 265, the pax 2 is 90, the g pen elite is 88, and the cf weighs roughly143 grams. so the cfx can be pocketed if needed but ifyou want absolute portability i would check out the pax 2, grasshopper, cf or the elite.the cfx fits better in some cargo shorts, a backpack, hoodie or purse. let’s go over to use the cfx.

the chamber is located on the top of the unitjust under the mouthpiece and we can get to it by twisting the top we have access to the chamber and the screen for the vapor path. the cfx uses afully isolated vapor path which is fed from an air intake located at the bottom of theunit. the air intake tube is actually heated at the top so the cfx does have some convectionproperties but still primarily conduction. the ceramic chamber can hold upwards of .5grams of herb with a fine grind and a tight pack but i prefer to stick closer to .15 gramsand finish the entire chamber in one session. the cfx does work well with varying load sizesso it’s not a problem to load as much or as little as you prefer. you can break bowlsdown into multiple sessions but the results

are not the best and i would recommend lookinginto convection units like the grasshopper or firefly 2 if that’s the type of sessionsyou’re looking for. i prefer an average grind from my santa cruzshredder but the cfx seems to work very well with fine or coarse grinds. this is one ofthe main things that i like about the cfx. you can pretty much load the chamber in anyfashion and the cfx will vape it evenly. so now that we have some dry herbs in thechamber, let’s go ahead and reattach the top with the mouthpiece. just line up thetop perpendicular to the unit and rotate clockwise to seal turn the unit on we’re going to press the power button located on the side 5 times.the cfx will then power on showing the boundless

splash page followed by a brightly lit tachometerfor your temperature range, a session length timer, and your current battery can change the temps by pressing the up and down arrows located to the left of thedisplay. single presses are quick and precise and if you hold it down it will jump by 10degrees. so overall i’m really impressed with the display, the software and the buttons.the full temp spectrum runs from 100-430f and hits 400 degrees in about 20 seconds onaverage. the cfx is currently one of the fastest heating conduction vaporizers on the it’s still not as good as convection units like the firefly 2 or grasshopper butit’s much better than the rest of the competition. my preferred starting temp is around 360fand i will bump up the temps in 10 to 20 degree

increments finishing off around 400f.before we jump into the vape session, lets go over the batteries and charging options.the cfx uses two non-replaceable rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and i’ve been averagingaround 60 minutes on a full charge. this is pretty good but the battery is kind of expectedto be good with a unit this big. i still get better battery life with the mighty but themighty can only be charged via dc while the cfx can be charged dc or usb.if you’re charging the cfx via a wall outlet, you can expect a charge time of about 30 minutesfrom a dead battery but the usb charger will take about 2 hours. the cfx also offers pass-throughcharging so you can use the vape while it’s charging. overall the battery life is greatfor a $169 unit and you can pretty much charge

it anywhere. like i mentioned earlier thebatteries are not replaceable but if you do have problems down the road, boundless willreplace them for $25 which isn’t terrible. cleaning and maintenancethe cleaning and maintenance on the cfx is about average and i’ve found that you shouldtry to brush or blow out the screen after pretty much every session. if the screen getsclogged up it will increase the draw resistance a bit.the full cleaning will take a bit more time depending on use. you’ll need to take apartthe top mouthpiece, pop off the o-rings and wash them with warm soapy water. then dropthe top piece, the bottom piece, mouthpiece and screen in a small amount of iso. if it’sbeen a really long time, you might want to

consider swapping out the seals for some newones. make sure everything is dry and the o-rings are in place before putting it backtogether and starting another session. so far the cfx seems to be reliable and prettydurable. i haven’t had any bad drops to fully test the durability and i picked upthe cfx after the ski season ended, so i’m looking forward to getting in some more testingthroughout the rest of the summer and the upcoming ski season.lastly, the cfx comes with a 2 year warranty which is pretty good for $169 vaporizer.vape demo so now that we’ve covered pretty much everythingyou need to know about the cfx vaporizer, let’s go ahead to and jump into the vapesession.

first things first, i’ve loaded the chamberwith about .15 grams out of my santa cruz shredder. i like to start out at around 360fnormally and bump up the session in 10-20 degree increments. since this is the demoi’m going to start out at 380f so you guys can get a good idea of just how much vaporthe cfx can produce. as with pretty much any vaporizer, the lower temps will produce betterflavor and cooler vapor, while the higher temps will produce much more clouds but harsheroverall. the cfx can definitely satisfy both heavyusers and vaporizer novices. the one thing that i don’t necessarily like is the drawresistance and this is one of the biggest differences between the cf/cfx and the crafty/mighty.the crafty and mighty are both two of the

freest flowing vaporizers currently on themarket while the cf and cfx are below average. you can easily mod the chamber by pickingup some elb’s from vapexhale, replacing the stainless steel screen in the bottom ofthe chamber and the screen in the mouthpiece but now you’re spending $20 on top of the$169. so while it is a decent air flow improvement, it’s definitely not necessary for the vaporizerto function effectively. the cf and cfx can both be used with glassvia the water pipe adapter made by boundless. you can pick it up via their website for $19.99and i highly recommend it if you have some glass or planning to pick some up. the cfxcan run pretty hot and while i do enjoy big clouds, it’s much nicer to enjoy larger,higher temp draws through water. if you don’t

already have any glass options, my recommendationwould be the d020-d from sunshine store. so prosthe first pro would be the heat up time. the cfx is currently the fastest heating portableconduction vaporizer on the market at 20 seconds. next pro is the price. the cfx retails for$169 which makes it great entry level vaporizer and under half the price of the mighty. nextis the full temp spectrum via the oled display. it’s easy to read and it’s really easyto change the temps. the next pros would be the ease of use andconsistency. it’s not a problem to load as much or as little herb in the chamber withany grind consistency and the cfx will vape it evenly pretty much every time. last butnot least is the battery life and charging

options. the cfx will easily last you foran outdoor event or concert and can be charged via dc or usb so you can practically chargeit anywhere now days. the first con would have to be the size. althoughit is smaller than the mighty, both of these portables are on the large side and not theeasiest to pocket. the cfx travels much better in a backpack, hoodie or purse. the next conwould be the draw resistance. the updated screen in the cfx has decreased the draw resistanceoverall but it’s still not as free flowing as units like the crafty or mighty.the last con is the cleaning. i usually just brush out the screen after every session butthe full tear down can take 5-10 minutes depending on how long you’ve gone without a full cleaning.

overall i’m really impressed with the cfxand i think it’s packed full of features at a great price point. i’m not a huge fanof the draw resistance but you get a full temp spectrum with on vape display, 20 secondaverage heat up times and consistent vapor quality regardless of packing style. i wouldstill spring for the mighty if you wanted the freest flowing portable with excellentbattery life and even more consistency but $230 is a big can pick up the cfx or check out my full cfx article by following the links below inthe about section and as always if you guys have any questions about the cf, cfx or anyother vaporizer, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me on my website

thanks for watching my cfx vaporizer review and have a great day.